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Gold Mining in USA

Gold Minnig is possible If you are living in NC(north carolina),New york City, colorado, Oregon, georgia, california, idaho, virginia, texas, nevada, and you think there are some place that people never tried to find gold there. You must take a gold detector machine and look for gold underground. If you find the gold mine there; you need to take Gold Prospecting certificate if your country does not allow free gold mining.

Gold Prospecting is allowed in some section in USA you just need to buy some small Equipments. Most important Gold Mining Equipments are : Long Range Gold Detector, Metal Detector, Garrett , Relic Beach Gold Metal Detector, Shovel, Diamond Detector, Fisher Gemini 3 Metal Detector, DRS Electronics Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector, Also you can buy used gold mining equipment, because most of them are simple devices, except gold search machine, these machines are electronic devices and it has limited lifetime. Unused gold search machine device is always better.

When it was 19. century there was gold-rush at place like California Gold Rush, Victorian Gold Rush, Klondike Gold Rush. This means government knows there is gold exists. We hope gold miners did not find all the gold from there, if you are lucky enought you can be rich with gold mining.

Gold Mining Process is:
1- Find place to dig for gold.
2- Use Gold Metal Detector to find right place.
3- Use showel and pickax to find gold pieces.
4- Make pan movement and extract from sand. Panning process is a most simple way to extract gold from sands, because its cheap, you just need a pan.

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