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Gold Miner games free: You can play Free Gold Miner online in our page all kind free games about Gold mining, play free gold miner online, Gold collector and gold digger games are free.

Playing:Use mouse or down arrow keys to adjust the needle (hook), Then click down or mouse left to send the needle to collect the gold miner, All Gold miner games are free.

We will also add other Online Free Gold Miner Games

Some free games includes different character like mario or tomb raider may be reigstered, however we don`t create flash games, we just serve free games to visitors. If you have any complaint about characters just email us (

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Best free games are precious gold and jewelry games Gold Games is online free.

Miner or Hunter

Some countries calls gold miner as gold hunter. some others tells gold digger, and others tells gold collector, not different game anyways, just choose a gold miner game from list and play freely online.

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