Mario Gold Miner

Mario Gold Miner free online Like classic gold miner, mario started to collect golds, click mouse to send your arrow. Collect as much gold as you can.. Play all gold miner games online all games are free. Gold Mario Gold Miner in gold miner games. Mario Gold Miner in Gold Miner collection of our big game archive. >> Play Mario Gold Miner online free.

Mario is working as gold hunter in this game. Click the mouse to send spike down. Grab the right items from ground. Rocks and other items is useless like animals and skeleton parts. You just need to collect gold and diamonds for pass the level. Gold miner mario is collecting golden coins from different view, mario is not jumping as usual, You will see a bomb and nuke icon on right side, you just need to click them with mouse to destroy rocks if you heve any bomb, or click the hourglasses to increase time, click nuke to strenghten the mario.

Gold Miner is another reflects in the action world of a character jumping around like Mario, He is an unmissable opportunity for a gold money lover like Mario who earns his life by collecting gold coins. In this game, Mario collects thousands of dollars worth of gold bars without moving from his seat.

Pay Mario Gold Miner and download flash game swf file on next page, click image to start to download then play: play Mario Gold Miner online free

New Mario Gold Miner with new mobile support can playable on iphone gold or android phones. update time: 2022-06-07 Mario Gold Miner free and fast download rate. Gold miners games and Mario Gold Miner are as good as old times.